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  • Feb072023

    Personalized Military Coins For The US Army

    Since they were first employed in the military, personalized challenge coins have been used as a symbol of pride, success,…

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  • Feb022023
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    The US Military’s Use of Challenge Coins to Promote Troop Morale and Team spirit

    For many years, challenge coins have been a mainstay in the military, serving a dual function of encouraging unit cohesiveness…

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  • Jan052023
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    Challenge Coin Business Cards: A Surefire Way to Stand Out in a Crowd

    Challenge coin business cards are a great marketing tool for businesses and groups. Promotional items like challenge coins and business…

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  • Dec272022
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    College Challenge Coins And Their Meaning

    The future leaders of our nation are being shaped in tens of thousands of schools and universities across the United…

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  • Dec192022
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    Have a look at the new $13 billion aircraft carrier for the United States Navy.

    The U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford is the most technologically advanced warship ever constructed (CVN 78). In November of 2013, after…

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  • Dec132022
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    Meet the Army’s next Sergeant Major.

    Cmd. Sgt. Maj. Michael Weimer, the current top NCO at the US Army Special Operations Command, has been named the…

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  • Jun222022
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    Where To Find The Best Navy Challenge Coins

    There is a reason why the US Navy buys so many command coins from us.   In the Navy, the…

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  • Jun162022
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    Why Soldiers At Fort Carson, Colorado Trust Coins Customized

    Soldiers at Ft. Carson can’t get enough of our Army coins of excellence!   As you may know, challenge coins…

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  • Jun012022
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    Use Our Challenge Coin Design Template To Help You

    All the information you need about designing custom coins is in one place Making challenge coins is a lot of…

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  • May242022
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    Coins Customized Will Help You With Your Challenge Coins Design (FREE)

      When you work with Coins Customized, one of the best things is that our team will make high-quality illustrations…

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