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Because we make custom military challenge coins, we are the number one company in the United States to make them. Coins Customized was started by our founders when they couldn’t find high-quality coins made in the United States at a price that everyone could afford. The military isn’t the only group we make custom challenge coins for. We also make coins for police and EMTs and firefighter challenge coins. We also make coins for geocaches and Greek organizations as well as for corporations, nonprofits, weddings, memorials, and more. With years of expertise in designing and manufacturing custom challenge coins, we ensure each coin is a masterpiece that reflects precision, quality, and personalization. Our customization process is straightforward yet thorough, allowing you to choose from a variety of designs, materials, and finishes to create a coin that perfectly represents your vision.

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Custom Police Challenge Coin

Customized Coins For Your FOP Chapter

Fire Fighter Challenge Coins

Customization available in a thousand different options.

US Navy Challenge Coins

Custom Navy Challenge Coins  thousands of different options available.

Army Challenge Coins

Customized Your Coins Today Show your Platoon Support

Custom Marine  Challenge Coins

Customized With US  Marines Traditions in mind. Oo-rah!

Custom Challenge Coins

Promote Anything on coins From people, places or things

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