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Air Force Challenge Coins

With our excellent team, creating personalized air force coins is a straightforward and enjoyable process. Some of our clients provide us with a drawing or digital image of the coins they require, while others provide us with a bullet list of concepts. In either scenario, we provide an infinite number of complimentary changes to ensure that your design is flawless before you spend a dime.

When completing one of our free quote forms, in addition to indicating the type of artwork you’re looking for, indicate the styles and options you’d like to view. Although many of the Air Force challenge coins we assist in designing have antique silver plating, we offer a variety of other plating options. Additionally, we offer customized edges, customized shapes, and even customized bottle openers.

With unique Air Force challenge coin designs, anything is possible. One of the most common concepts is to make a custom challenge coin depicting the team’s aircraft, drones, or other equipment. Combining equipment, mascots, and symbols is an excellent way to create a design that is both personal and significant for a group of soldiers.

The Airman’s Coin is the first of several personalized coins that recruits will receive throughout their service. Teams make personalized unit coins to commemorate their service history. Officers commission their own personal coins and present them to members of their command who exhibit exceptional ability, bravery, or service deserving of distinction. Each coin possesses a distinct personality and importance as a result of its careful design and craftsmanship.

In the Air Force, it is customary for the Chief Master Sergeants to purchase a set of custom Air Force challenge coins. While Native American imagery is a common pick for Chief Master Sergeants, a design can incorporate anything the individual feels will add personal and meaningful depth to the design.

Members of the unit create coins to commemorate their time together as a team and the unit’s history. Typically, these designs combine team logos, mottos, and colors. We ensure that we replicate trademarks using the same shade of Pantone colors and construct very detailed molds to ensure that each design is an identical replica of an existing logo.

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