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The United States Marine Corps is a component of the Department of the Navy; however, its command structure is similar to that of the Army, with the exception that it follows the “rule of three” and includes Marine expeditionary forces and aircraft wings, which are not included in the Army command structure. It is possible to divide the Marine Corps into four groups: the operating forces, which are responsible for actual combat, the headquarters, which is responsible for command and control and providing logistical support, and the Marine Corps Reserve (which is responsible for training and preparation.

 The US Marine Corps is responsible for undertaking expeditionary and amphibious operations through combined arms while implementing its own infantry, armor, artillery, aerial, and special operations forces. The USMC was established in 1775 as a branch of the United States Navy. The United States Marine Corps is one of the country’s eight uniformed services, and it is based in San Diego, California.

On land and on sea-going amphibious assault ships, the United States Marine Corps maintains a worldwide presence. Apart from that, some of the Marine Corps’ tactical aviation units, particularly Marine Fighter Attack squadrons, are integrated in Navy carrier air wings and operate out of aircraft carriers.

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