Why Soldiers At Fort Carson, Colorado Trust Coins Customized

Why Soldiers At Fort Carson, Colorado Trust Coins Customized
June 16, 2022 GnySgt J.C. Denton (USMC, Retired)
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Soldiers at Ft. Carson can’t get enough of our Army coins of excellence!


As you may know, challenge coins have been a part of all parts of the U.S. military for a long time.

coin of excellence, army coins of excellence ,challenge coins, custom challenge coins,

Challenge coins are a big part of the military, but businesses, schools, non-profits, and other groups in the civilian world also use them


Challenge coins are often given to people who have done good things in the military. They are given out to remember special events, promotions, accomplishments, and other things that deserve to be remembered. Challenge coins are given to people in the military or in the business world who go above and beyond. This has always been done this way, and it still is.

People get custom challenge coins for many different reasons, like doing a great job, getting a promotion, or meeting a dignitary. People who have done or accomplished something very special can also get them. They remind people of the time they spent in the military.

People who get the same coin share a unique experience when they get a military challenge coin. Veterans are very proud of their coin collections and like to show them off and talk about each one. Challenge coins bring together people who have been through the same thing. The fact that you would be given a challenge coin tells you more than just what the coin looks like.

People usually get challenge coins in a few different ways. People often get them from the military when they meet a high-ranking government official, go to a big event, or do something important. Companies give business coins to employees who do special jobs or reach certain milestones, like a certain number of years of service or when they retire.

Most of the time, military challenge coins are passed on with a secret handshake. A high-ranking officer or official takes the coin in his or her hand and gives it secretly to the person with whom he or she is shaking hands.

On the other hand, civilian challenge coins are often given out at public events. They can be given out to show how much someone is appreciated at work meetings, department meetings, or even public events.

You can always start your own traditions by giving out coins at special events or in other ways that people will remember. Challenge coins are small, but the people who get them care a lot about them.

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