What You Need To Know – Customized Coin Plating & Options

What You Need To Know – Customized Coin Plating & Options
January 12, 2022 GnySgt J.C. Denton (USMC, Retired)
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We’ve covered all of the unique aspects of challenge coins. We’ll look at coin plating and color schemes today. When you design a custom challenge coin, it’s all about picking choices that reflect your style and the purpose of the coin. Color and plating options, in particular, may help any design stand out from the crowd. We understand that there are a lot of choices when it comes to color and plating, and we are here to guide you through the process.


The major part in deciding which options go well with one another is the design requirements you’re attempting to achieve. Every color has a specific range of tones that may be used to highlight and emphasize certain aspects of your coin. These hues can take on a more major role in your design when paired with our plating options.


Understanding the basic principles of color theory may go a long way toward making it easier to determine which colors go well together. Silver and gold plating combine nicely with pastel hues like blue and purple, while warmer colors like red and orange are perfect for gold. Natural silver plating is an excellent way to bring out the best in lighter-colored parts. Gold can be used instead of yellow to retain the warmth of the color, but also add a metallic flair. A black metal plating is perfect for mascots and characters.


When it comes to personalized coins, metal platings like gold, silver, and copper are the most popular options to consider. Antique or high-polish plating, on the other hand, offers a more dramatic shift in appearance to your coin.


Both antique and high-polish gold plating can be paired with warm hues like red. Firefighter challenge coins commonly include this classic combination, which is clean and striking. However, high-polish gold and red, particularly for logos and typography, work particularly well with darker metals, like black metal and black nickel plating.


Warm hues like gray work well with gold plating. The warm gold plating contrasts beautifully with the light gray, creating an eye-catching design. The color palette is pleasing, and it’s a little more muted. The combination of black and gold is not only timeless, but also one of our personal favorites. The high-polished gold effect looks stunning on a black background, which highlights every every detail. Black and gold two tone plating creates a much more striking contrast.


In terms of color, nothing works better with silver than blue. Silver plating makes blue accents pop, giving the piece a unique look that gold just can’t match. Silver’s sheen is enhanced by the use of pastel blues. In order to see the coin’s silver coating, remove the white parts from your design.


When it comes to silver plating, green is one of the best options. Silver looks best with greens that are bold and dark, but softer greens still look fantastic. In order to add additional detail without detracting too much from the glossy appearance, choose to use a lighter shade of the chosen color. The combination of jade and silver has been popular among jewelers for a long time. In addition, vibrant red colours go nicely with silver. Adding silver to a red outfit can make the color pop without making it look out of place. For a dramatic effect, use black letters.


Finally, we have black. The color black is simply beautiful. Silver and gold look gorgeous when accented with black design elements. A high-polished coin’s brighter aspects might be balanced with a darker shade of black. If the coin is overly bright, it may be difficult to read the details. Adding a matte finish to a pure black color scheme enhances its complex patterns.


Challengecoins4u.net has manufactured thousands of coins in a variety of styles throughout the decades. We’ve seen everything, from unusual sizes and forms to eye-catching colors and images. We can help you make the perfect challenge coins for your company or organization. We’ve been making challenge coins for more than two decades now. Whether you have a concept for a coin or not, we have an exceptional team of artists ready to help you bring it to life.


To learn more about our customized challenge coins, you should contact us! Call us at 844-2780-0400, or simply email us at sales@challengecoins4u.com