Custom Belt Buckles – Western Styles

Custom Belt Buckles – Western Styles
October 26, 2021 GnySgt J.C. Denton (USMC, Retired)

Custom Belt Buckles With No Minimum

Do you need a gift idea that no one else will have? The best way to remember a special event is with a custom belt buckle. Your favorite challenge coin design may be transformed into a unique wearable ornament that expresses your individuality and style. We can produce a unique buckle that may be worn or exhibited proudly for a PBR championship, local or state rodeo accomplishments, or showcasing the old family ranch.

History of the Modern Belt Buckle

Knowing a little about the history of custom buckles might help you come up with an excellent buckle. For the most part, people think “Western” buckles originated in the American West. Historians disagree, claiming that this is not entirely true. Today’s buckles take their design cues from the silver screen. The most popular designs are custom belt buckles with Texas flair.

The real cowboys of the Wild West wore suspenders rather than belts because they were more comfortable for handling animals. That began to change in the 1920s when denim jeans was introduced with belt loops. Nevertheless, the basic belt buckles that were popular at the time didn’t have enough glamor for film or television. Large, intricate belt buckles immediately became a feature of the cinematic cowboy look, and they still are.

Custom Buckles Made for Your Organization

Of course, buckles are no longer just for cowboys. It is a great approach to sell your company’s name or logo. As an extension of your lifestyle brand (Harley-Davidson, anybody?) you may offer them to customers. You may also gift these to your staff as a token of appreciation for job well done. Every time the buckles are worn, your brand is promoted, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Basic Buckle Concepts

Our custom buckles, like our custom challenge coins, are die-cast to the greatest possible degree of quality. They come in silver, gold, brass, and a wide variety of different colors. Either keep it simple or go all out. Several standard shapes are available as well as bespoke ones. You may make your buckle more eye-catching by using a 3-D relief or a splash of color. Everything from modest, easily-wearable buckles to championship buckles the size of a dinner plate is available for you to buy just for your event, celebration or ceremony.

It’s simple to create your own unique belt buckles. Whether it’s a full-on horseback riding and roping action or something as basic as a name, think about what you want to depict. Using their years of experience, our graphic designers will work closely with you to create the perfect design for your project.

Buckle Up!

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