Terms And Conditions

Please Review Our Terms and Conditions

Coins Customized was created on the premise that our clients are the driving force behind our success. We stand behind every unique product we make with superior customer service and a 100 percent quality guarantee.

Each order is the result of a collaborative effort. You are an integral component of our team. We rely on you for crucial information in order to make the unique items (lapel pins, embroidered patches, lanyards, challenge coins, buttons, badges, and key chains) you desire. While working closely, we both have obligations. These obligations are listed below for your convenience. Please read them. These terms and conditions affect all of our sales. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Coins Customized Is Accountable For:

We stand 100 percent behind our products. Coins Customized guarantees the quality of every product it manufactures. Any damaged bespoke product will be replaced at no additional cost to you. We just need that you file a documented claim for a damaged product within 30 days of delivery. For purposes of this Agreement, “defect” refers to a manufacturing fault.

Providing you with factual information:  A digital proof of your finalized custom-made product will be emailed to you before manufacturing begins. This high-quality digital draft will allow you to check for spelling errors, verify color and size, and make any extra adjustments or edits before production. The “size” of your lapel pin or coin is defined by the width or height of its design.

We employ the Pantone (PMS) color matching system, therefore it is imperative that you identify your color preferences using Pantone PMS numbers. Visit www.pantone.com for more information on the Pantone (PMS) color matching system. In addition, because not all computer monitors/printers display colors the same way, you should validate your color choice by checking a Pantone (PMS) color book/chart, that is found at most art supply stores and some libraries. On the proof, all Pantone (PMS) numbers will be included for easy verification.

Order confirmation:  Prior to production, you will get an email order confirmation. This order confirmation will include (1) textual specifications of your order (including pricing, type, size, number, colors, and the projected production time), (2) a final digital proof (incorporating any extra modifications or corrections), and (3) a link to our terms and conditions page. If the written requirements and final digital proof meet your approval, simply respond to this email with your permission, and we will immediately begin the manufacturing process. Orders placed via our online order form permit a thorough evaluation of your order information as well as our Terms and Conditions. Therefore, internet orders do not necessitate a Confirmation email.


Producing your order accurately and on schedule:  Once we have gotten your permission on the above-described order confirmation, we will commence manufacturing on your order. Below are examples of typical manufacturing schedules. Although virtually all orders ship within the specified timeframes, we cannot and do not guarantee production or shipment schedules.

Buttons: Within 5 Business Days Or Less

Custom Lapel Pins: 7 to 10 Business Days

Challenge Coins: 12 Business Days Or Less

Woven Imprinted Lanyards: 14 Business Days Or Less

Embroidered Patches: 14 Business Days Or Less

Specialized Lapel Pins: 14 to 21 Business Days

Custom Nylon Imprinted Lanyards: 18 to 21 Business Days

*Offset Producing printed lapel pins requires 14 to 16 days. 14-21 days are required for the production of 3-D molded lapel pins. Producing Zinc Alloy lapel pins requires 16 to 18 business days. Manufacturing Dual-Plated lapel pins requires between 18 and 21 business days. Producing blinking or LED-lit lapel pins requires 14 to 16 business days.

Large or specialized orders may necessitate additional manufacturing time. Substitute transactions are subject to the same manufacturing timeframes (described above) as the initial order. Please contact your sales agent for further details. Your completed order will be dispatched through FedEx, DHL, or UPS  (at no additional cost to you), and USPS Priority Mail to an address deemed an APO/FPO/DPO.

Hearing you out! We the ordering process with us, Coins Customized, to be the finest experience you’ve ever had purchasing promotional items! If you have issues, constructive comments, or praises, we would love to hear your feedback. Contact us at sales@challengecoins4u.com with any questions.

You are accountable for:

Legal ownership of all logos, trademarks, and copyrights By submitting your design to All About Challenge Coins, you guarantee that you have the legal right to reproduce (or have reproduced) any emblems or other images linked with your purchase. You further warrant that the production of any photos you submit does not violate the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity

Paying close attention to the evidence offered:  When you received the digital proof, thoroughly review it. Please pay special attention to (1) the design you have chosen, (2) the grammar and spelling of words you have chosen, and (3) the colors you have selected. If there are no revisions or adjustments to your proof, please send us your confirmation. This is your indication once again that the order has been accepted. An accepted purchase cannot be canceled for any reason, as we provide a made – to – order product with no marketplace for cancelled orders.

Transporting Your Product:  Our objective is to deliver your order on or before the date you specified. We hope you understand, however, that we cannot guarantee our deliveries and cannot be held responsible for delays in shipping that are beyond our control, such as incorrect/undeliverable address information, U.S./foreign customs regulations, the misrouting of your parcel by the shipping company, or the unavailability of the addressee.

Legal Particulars:

Every sale is final. Due to the customized nature of the items we make, all sales are final. Once a production-ready order has been placed, it cannot be canceled for any circumstance.

All molds, plates, and fittings are owned by Coins Customized. The costs related with molds, plating or any other setups are the production labor costs. Paying these expenses does not provide the buyer ownership of the actual molds or fittings.

Coins Customized does not provide refunds, credits, or discounts. As previously stated, we will gladly replace any faulty product we create (at no additonal cost  to yourself). We just need that you file a documented claim for a damaged product within a 30 day period of delivery.

(Binding AgreementThis agreement is the full agreement between Coins Customized and our clients and replaces and supercedes any prior email or telephone communication regarding this promotional products order.


In the case of a legal dispute, Seminole County, Florida, USA shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue, and the victorious party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees before trial or hearing, during trial or hearing, after trial or hearing, and/or on appeal. Should Coins Customized 4 U be named in a copyright/trademark infringement lawsuit arising from Coins Customized use of a copyright/trademark protected item supplied by oneself to be used in your product, you agree to indemnify Coins Customized, including any officers, owners, or employees for any damages and/or litigation-related expenses.

All of the goods presented on this website that contain corporate logos or registered trademarks serve simply to demonstrate the replication abilities of Coins Customized and are meant for educational purposes only. The purchase of items from Coins Customized in neither way allows you rights to duplicate logos, nor does it transfer, grant, or lease you possession nor ownership of any logos or trademarks, and emblems.